About Us

Hello, I'm Chrissy AKA Mama!
If you've ever picked up a product from me then you know how much I love getting to know you. I love serving those around me and I most surely love making others happy. I'm your basic mom of 2. I enjoy DIY projects and creating quality skincare for my family.
When my son Nicholas was born he had terrible eczema. We tried everything recommended and found no relief! I set out to do my own research and hoped to create something simple that could help alleviate his bumps and dryness. Low and behold I found that I can create a simple yet effective product right from my own kitchen. After a lot of sleepless nights I decided to open my first business in hopes to help other mamas who have felt as defeated as I did.
I started formulating my very own skincare line and now offer an organic skincare and non organic (fragrance) line! We have items to help soothe your skin and we also have some adorable items that will bring a smile to someones face!
It is an honor to serve you and my passion grows daily! My heart is poured completely into every product I create and I'm so grateful you're here on this journey with me!